firefox securityFirefox and Google Chrome are my preferences for the web browsers. I love firefox for the loads of firefox addons, which allow you to customize and personalize the browser as per your needs. And prefer Chrome when it comes to the speed of browsing. Here Google Chrome is just unbeatable.

Well, the purpose of this post is to introduce to the visitors of PC Security, a Firefox addon, which allows you to run your favorite browser firefox in a sandbox mode. It is a different approach for your computer security. Sandboxing your browser allows you to surf the web, from a virtual area of your main system. Any changes, which are attempted by the downloaded files, scripts and processes running through the browser, are restricted to make any permanent changes to your actual operating system.

If, at any place you want to restore your settings to the previous instance, you can do that with just a few mouse clicks.

The Secure Browser uses virtualization technology to provide a safer web experience to users and organizations. When using the Secure Browser any changes or malicious files inadvertently downloaded from the Internet are contained within the secure browser, keeping the underlying OS and computer secure from hostile changes. Any changes resulting from browser activity may be quickly and easily reset to effectively “undo” such changes and return it to its initially installed state. This makes it much easier to clean a system and bring the user back to full productivity.


  • Provides a virtualized and contained Firefox v3.6 Browser with Adobe Reader and Flash plug-ins
  • Rapidly reset any changes made during normal use back to their initial state, enabling easy recovery from infections or attacks
  • View statistics related to the number of processes detected and blocked
  • Set white and black lists to limit access to known good sites, or prevent access to known bad sites to further limit the risk of attack and infection

Here is a nice Youtube video, which displays its important features.

[Download Dell KACE Secure Browser]