flashback trojan malwareMac machines are considered to be safe and secure from online threats and malware. Many of the Mac OS-X users even believe they virus, trojan and malware are something meant only for the Windows machines and they are insulated from these threats.

But it is not so. We have always been saying that Mac machines are safe just because of the fact that they are still not the MOST popular computer platforms. Despite the recent surge in the popularity of Mac Mchines, the fact still remains that Windows is still the most used computing platform. Besides this, it is also a hard fact that most of the beginners and novices start their computing journey with Windows Machines. This ensures that the malware developers find the biggest ROI of their time and efforts, only if they target the Windows Machines. For the least efforts they can expect to create maximum impact, if they target their malware towards the Windows Machines.

But, with the increasing popularity of Apple MAC OS-X machines, time is not far when malware developers will find this market also attractive and lucrative and then all presumptions of Mac machines being insulated from online malware threats will be gone.

And the beginning seems to have been made with the recently discovered Flashback Trojan Malware.

Flashback Trojan Malware

Russian antivirus vendor Doctor Web has recently reported the discovery of the deadly trojan, nicknamed as Flashback, which is targeted towards Apple Mac machines. It uses javascript exploits to sneak into the victim’s machine. It is estimated that more than 60,000 Apple Mac machines have already been infected and Apple has already released the second java patch to counter this trojan malware attack.

The flashback Trojan botnet is spreading very quickly and security vendor Doctor Web has recommended to block Flashback trojan malware by updating of the MAC machines with the latest java updates released by Apple. Looking at the deadliness of Flashback Trojan, some other security vendors have even recommended disabling the java on the mac machines.

The first version of Flashback was designed to look like an update to Adobe Flash—giving the Trojan its name. However, the subsequent variants hit Mac users who had visited Websites that were harboring the malware.

It is high time that Mac users start seriously considering installation of a good quality Mac Antivirus on their machines. A list of some of the free Mac Antivirus has already appeared on this blog. Check that out.