With the growing menace of Phishing by each passing day, more and more people are falling victim to these frauds and loosing their privacy and getting cheated. Newer methods and techniques are being used which sometimes becomes difficult for an average user to detect and understand.

Despite that, it is a fact that, you can detect and prevent most of the phishing attempts, if you are a bit careful and exercise restraint in your online behavior. Just by making it a habit to pause for a moment before clicking any link and ponder where you are likely to go, you can detect many phishing attempts.

If you are using Firefox as your preferred browser, then there is a neat Firefox Addon, which help to in phishing detection and prevention to a great extent.

Welcome to FormFox.

How Formfox Helps You in Phishing Detection and Prevention

phishing-detectionMost of the phishing attempts lead the victim to a webpage, which is a look-a-like of a popular website, mostly a financial website. There he is presented a web-form and asked to enter his personal details. Now, if there is a tool, which can tell you the exact URL, where this information will be submitted, then it might help you to make you understand whether the web page is genuine or not.

FormFox does exactly that.

Whenever FormFox finds a form on a webpage, it tells you the exact URL, where the information given by your will be submitted and advices you whether that website appears to be genuine or not.

A great help.

However, in my testing, I found FormFox giving false positives on many genuine websites. The reason might be that sometimes, a few website submit the information on a sub-domain. And in some of the cases, Formfox, understood that to be a different website that the webpage where the form was located. This might have caused the alarm filter of Formfox to trigger the Phishin Detection Alarms.

Overall, I would not say that it is very excellent Firefox Security Addon, but still it gives you the first warning sign. You can yourself check for its correctness. And the best part, which I found is that it was erring on the safe side. I mean, it was only raising false positives, and not false negatives.

Download Formfox.