Microsoft Security Essentials, the freeware antivirus suite, is one of the few products from the software giant, which actually perform great. If you have not yet invested your money on a paid security software, then we strongly suggest that you take a look at the features and performance of this really nice product.

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At present, MSE is only available free for personal uses. In a recent announcement, Microsoft has stated that they are going to make it free even for small businesses. As per their definition of small businesses, you can use it on 10 PC’s in your organization at one go.

we are extremely excited today to let you know that Microsoft is making its Microsoft Security Essentials available to small businesses on up to 10 PCs for FREE, beginning in early October!  By providing Microsoft Security Essentials to small businesses free of charge, Microsoft extends its commitment to help these companies save money and grow their business by offering no-cost protection from viruses, spyware and other malicious threats.

In case, you want to know more about MSE, here is some more information…

MSE is a security suite designed for consumers and lacks centralized management features which are found in Microsoft Forefront Client Security. It includes the same anti-malware engine (dubbed “Microsoft Malware Protection Engine”, or MSMPENG for short), and virus definitions that all other Microsoft desktop anti-malware products share, including Forefront Client Security, Windows Live OneCare, and Windows Defender (Defender excludes the antivirus definitions which are separate from the antispyware definitions).

Before installation, MSE checks for the validity of the installed copy of Microsoft Windows. MSE requires no registration or personal information. MSE will disable Windows Defender, as it provides protection against malware, not limited to spyware and adware.

MSE automatically checks for and downloads virus definition updates which are published three times a day to Microsoft Update. Alternatively, users may download the updates manually from Microsoft Security Portal.

Here is a nice review video of MSE from Youtube.

[Download Microsoft Security Essential]