cell phone anti virusCell phones are getting intelligent day-by-day. They are no more simply a voice communication device with which you can occasionally send text messages. They have now gorwn into complete multimedia solutions, which allow you to watch streaming video, audio and web clips and use them as web cams. They are the mini computers of today and tomorrow.

And this opening up the new grounds for the malware developers as well. With increasing dependence on software component as compared to hardware component in the cell phone, they are seeing cellphones as the new targets.

Most of the reputed security vendors have already seen this trend and have developed cell phone anti virus and security suites. But most of them are on paid basis.

Free Cell Phone anti Virus Software – DroidSecurity Anti virus

But still, there are some free cell phone anti virus software as well, which you can download and use absolutely free.

Droid Security is a service, which is focused on providing security solutions for the Andriod devices.

They have a software call Antivirus Free, which protects your android devices from viruses, malware and OS exploits to ensure the integrity of applications and data.

Antivirus free provides ongoing scanning and cleansing of Android devices, protecting against viruses, malware, OS exploits to ensure the integrity of applications and data.

They also have a Pro version, which is available on payment basis and provides some additional features.

DroidSecurity SMS filters provide an additional layer of content security, blocking spam text messages and SMS exploits. In addition, DroidSecurity alerts users to suspicious new applications or possible mis-configurations ensuring phone operability.

Disclaimer: I have not yet tried this product, but there a few comments on other sites, which suggest that a few users have experienced that their cell phone devices have slowed in performance after installing it. So, exercise your own wisdom and experience.

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