Cell Phones are increasing their intelligence by each passing days. Gone are the days when cellphones were used only for making calls and texting. Today’s cellphones are smart intelligent devices, no less than a micro computer.

And this is opening up the opportunities for the malware developers as well. The increasing spread of the smartphones is luring the malware developers to create Cellphone Viruses and malware, which attack the system files of your mobile phone and make serious damage to its usability.

Security vendors have started developing CellPhone Antivirus software to provide protection exclusively to your mobile handsets. Most of them are on the paid basis, but there are some excellent free cell phone antivirus software as well for download to your smartphone.

NetQin – A Free Cell Phone antivirus Software for your Smartphone

NetQin cellphone Antivirus provides you security from online threats and malware. It also offers firewall support to protect your cellphone from unauthorized access attempts and hackers. The lastest Multi-language version supports seven languages including English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian. The applicable OS is Symbian  Windows Mobile.

cellphone antivirus

NetQin Mobile Anti-virus uses leading technology to protect your mobile phone against all the latest mobile threats. A Combination of firewall and real-time monitoring ensure your mobile device is safe and secure. Optimized full scan and system management provide your mobile device instant protection while simultaneously enhancing overall mobile performance

Great Antivirus for Cellphone.

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