free ebook on firefox extensionsFirefox Extensions can be used to modify the behavior of existing features to the application or add entirely new features.

Extensions are especially popular with Firefox, because Mozilla developers intend for the browser to be a fairly minimalistic application in order to reduce software bloat and bugs, while retaining a high degree of extensibility, so that individual users can add the features that they prefer.

And if you are searching for the the exact steps on how to develop a firefox extension, then you can find a few tutorials on the subject. One of them is from the Mozilla Developer blog itself, and can be considered to be an authority on the topic.

But, I just discovered a complete 46 pages Ebook on Build Your Own Firefox Extension (normally worth $9.95), which is available for download absolutely free.

With this James Edward’s sleek new ebook, you’ll:

  • learn about the folder structure and file types that comprise an extension
  • develop your user interface using XUL, and style it with CSS
  • build functionality and advanced features with JavaScript
  • add keyboard shortcuts and internationalization features
  • learn how to publish the finished product
  • receive a bonus intro to Jetpack
  • And much, much more!

Why This Ebook on How to Build Your Own Firefox Extension is Free

This Ebook is being provided absolutely free as part of the promotion for the CodeBurner Firefox Extension’s latest release. If you are not aware

Codeburner is a Firefox plugin developed by SitePoint, designed to help web developers with their coding efforts. It’s also available for Firebug, and is currently in development for Adobe CS4 and Adobe AiR. When web developers are coding and need a refresher on a specific tag in HTML or CSS, they can type it in the search box. The results show syntax information, code samples, and even browser compatiability issues. The plugin will even let you know if the tag is still compliant with the W3C standards, to make it easier to build a completely compliant website.

[Download the EBook here]