free parental control family filterIn today’s online era, when everything is accessible with just a mouse click from the safety of your home, it becomes absolutely essential for the parents of small kids to ensure online safety and privacy of their wards. It may require them to safeguard their children from accessible objectionable content and keeping a watch on what they access while being online.

Applying parental controls and family filters and making your children aware about the dangers of bad online behavior go a long way in protecting their identity and privacy.

Windows Live Family Safety- Free Parental Control Family Filter

As part of their Windows Live Essential package of useful utilities, Microsoft makes available a useful tool named as Windows Live Family Safety, which is a freeware parental control and family filter tool. This tool is also available to be downloaded as a standalone utility from the link given below at the end of this post. You have to install and set up this utility on each computer your kids use. It monitors your kids using safety settings you select. With Windows Live Family Safety, you can…

  • Use activity reports to monitor your kids’ computer activity.
  • Choose websites, games, and programs they can access.
  • Even set time periods when they can use the computer.

And the best part is it is easy to set up and configure.

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