Free Portable Encryption Tool

In case you are on the lookout for a portable encryption tool for encryption test messages, then we just found a really simple and extremely light-weight tool, which works like a charm.

The LetterEncryptor is hardly 9kb freeware download from Prankur, an Indian student aspiring for admission to prestigious technology Institute IIT (Good Luck to him for his preparations). It is deceptively simple but does its job perfectly. You do not require it to install on your computer. Just download the file and use it. It is a completely portable to use.

You just have to decide a password and enter the text you want to encrypt alongwith the password into the fields given in the tool. It will encrypt the message text, which you can copy or export to a text file. You can then send this encrypted text file as an attachment to your friend, colleague or whosoever is the recipient and tell him the password separately on phone or through chat.

free text encryption tool

The recipient can also download TheLetterEncryptor and use the password to de-crypt the message.

Simple, yet effective.

Here is a simple Youtube video on how to use this encryption tool.

[Download TheLetterEncryptor]