Passwords are the keys to your online PC security and privacy. The two major aspects for ensuring the security of your passwords is that you stop using weak passwords and start using different passwords for different accounts on your online presence. (Related: Most Commonly Used Password List – Avoid It)

But often, people find that both the above recommendations are in contrast. They find it too difficult to remember lots of strong password, and hence they either start using weak passwords or create one strong password and use it all the websites and social sites which they access.

Then, what is the solution.

Password Managers – The Best of Both Worlds

The solution lies in using password managers. They are the convenience personified. But few people, who do not want to install additional software installation, sometimes avoid their installation. And for them, the solution is portable password managers.

Sisma – The Free Portable Password Manager

Sisma™ is a freeware portable password manager that allows you to store and manage your passwords in a secure and convenient way. Sisma™ keeps your accounts details and passwords in a secure database that is encrypted with strong 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES, Rijndael) cipher. Sisma™ includes a strong random password generator which can generate alphanumeric or pronounceable passwords.

free portable password manager

Sisma promotes password management best practices by warning you when a weak password is chosen or when a password is reused across accounts. Sisma allows you to specify expiration time for passwords and reminds you to change them when they expire. Sisma employs advanced clipboard clearance mechanisms to minimize the risk of passwords left in the clipboard after you have used them.

Sisma™ is FREE for personal use. For non-personal use a license has to be purchased.

[Download Sisma]