Sandbox Software – A different approach to Best PC Security

free sandbox softwareToday’s security software and antivirus rely on the signature based threat detection. This approach requires users to keep the signature database of their security software up-to-date.

The security vendors of these software work overtime to detect the latest malware and online threats to update the database, which are then regularly downloaded by the computer users through Internet.

This approach of providing security is passive in nature. It depends upon successful detection of a threat and subsequent updation of the signature database. And because of its very nature, their are lots of security holes in this approach.

A different approach is to use sandbox software. Sandbox software create a virtual space in your computer, which are used by different software and browsers installed in your computer to download and run applications and files. The original files and applications remain protected and the running applications are allowed to do modifications only in the virtual space.

If you are satisfied that there is no harm in making the changes permanent, you can easily do so and then the changes are mode to the original space. This way, you do not rely on the constant updation of the database, but instead just make the files protected from any potential threat.

Trustware BufferZone – Free Sandbox Software

In an earlier post, we had carried a review of one of the most popular Sandbox Software – Read SandBoxie Review. Today, we are presenting yet another sandbox software review.

This is about Trustware BufferZone. It is a freeware software, although a more feature-rich power-packed Pro version is also available on payment basis.

With BufferZone, all programs or files that enter your computer through downloading, browsing or uploading with external media devices are redirected to a Virtual Zone (C:\Virtual). C:\Virtual is a special directory in your computer’s registry that keeps external programs and files in an isolated environment, separated from your trusted personal files and your PC’s operating system.

All files, personal information, drivers and system resources remain invisible to threats and therefore protected from costly or irreversible damage. VirusesbotswormsTrojan Horsesphishingkeyloggersspyware and other malicious code are prevented from covertly installing on your PC.

Modifications from infected programs, files or problematic websites will run only inside C:\Virtual. Inside the Virtual Zone, infections are easily contained and changes can be reversed. The Virtual Zone keeps your computer and trusted files clean and safe.

Bufferzone Sandbox Software Features:

  • Safely download anything in an isolated (virtualized) zone
  • Safely browse with Internet Explorer in an isolated (virtualized) zone
  • Safely chat with MSN Messenger in an isolated (virtualized) zone
  • Safely open e-mail attachments in an isolated (virtualized) zone
  • e-Bank and e-Shop in a trusted environment (*place up to 2 trusted sites in a Privacy Zone)
  • Schedule periodic “flushes” of the Virtual Zone
  • Trustware Forum Support

[Download Trustware BufferZone]