Software development is a continuous process. Most software vendors constantly strive on to improve their products by adding more functionality and patching the vulnerabilities and security gaps.

But how do the users of previous version of the know, that their software versions have gone outdated and a new version has been introduced. Some of the software constantly contact the vendor servers to know, if any new upgrade or patch is available. But some do not. And for those cases, you have Software Update Notifiers.

These are special software, which automatically start on boot up and constantly run on your system to maintain a list of the software installed on your system and watch out, if any new upgrade is available. As soon as a new version is made public by the vendor, you are notified accordingly. Now you can decide about the upgradation.

Secunia PSI is my favorite software upgrade notifier. Not only it tells you, which software and applications have gone outdated, but it also gives you direct download links to the latest upgrade, saving you considerable amount of time.

Todays, Sec unia has launched the Public BETA version of the next upgrade of their own applications. It is som,e cool features and improvements over last version. Secunia says that as many as 15% of the applications in their database are given the direct download links for the outdated software on a user computer. For the rest of them, a notification is issued to the user through the system tray.

The core of the Secunia PSI, the scan engine or the Secunia Software Inspector technology has remained practically untouched and it is still the most accurate scanning engine available for detecting installed programs and missing security updates on the Windows platform.

For the rest of the Secunia PSI it’s quite a different story. The whole application has practically been torn down and rebuilt. W e did this to accommodate the fact that the Secunia PSI has grown to become a mature application used by millions of users who trust and rely on it in order to secure their PCs against the threat from vulnerabilities.

The highlights of the new features are following.

  • Automatic-Updates
  • New user interface
  • Integration with the Secunia CSI (Secunia CSI customers can learn more about this feature here)
  • Improved presentation and grouping of scan results

secunia psi 2.0 beta

Overall a nice update.

[Download Secunia PSI 2.0 BETA]