Stand Alone Antivirus Software – Why You May Need Them

Internet Security is a complex domain. With the rapid changes in the technology and development of newer ways to spread malware, you can never be sure about your PC Security. You never know, when a new virus or malware is able to penetrate your security and play havoc with your system.

The first thing, which today’s malware do is to modify your system files and installed applications so as to make its own detection difficult. For this purpose, they try to disable your security applications and make it impossible to let it update itself.

Sometimes, you are not even in a position to boot and use your system at all. In such a situation, if you have some updated stand-alone security software and antivirus applications stored at some other place, that can be used to cure and clean your infected computer.

Dr. Web CureIt – A Useful Stand Alone Antivirus

Dr Web CureIt is one such useful stand alone antivirus, available for free to download from the famous security software Dr. Web. It is a tripped down version of their paid antivirus, which is quite popular also. The basic difference between the paid version and CureIt is that the latter is not meant to provide you the real time protection and does not provide you the automatic update facility and you will have to download this portable antivirus every time you want to use it so as to ensure that you have the latest and updated version.

Dr.Web CureIt supports the following 35 languages and it automatically detects the language of the OS it is installed to and sets the scanner interface accordingly (if the local language is not supported, English is enabled).

Here is a nice YouTube video telling you the procedure to download and use Dr. Web CureIt Portable Antivirus.

[Download Dr. Web CureIt Portable Antivirus]