USB Protection SoftwareUSB Sticks and Flash Drives have virtually transformed the way people used to carry their files and data with them. The convenience offered by their small size and plug-and-play feature is simple unmatched.

But this convenience comes at a price. The price of carrying the risk of loosing your sensitive and private data stored on the USB Drive, if you ever happen to misplace it, lose it or somebody steals in in an unfortunate case. But if you are careful enough, and you safeguard the data stored on the USB drive with some decent USB Protection Software capable to providing security with hard encryption and passwords, then you can be pretty sure about the security of the data.

There are a few decent USB encryption utilities available for download. We also have earlier carried reviews of a few USB Protection Software like USB Safeguard and BitLocker on the Go on this blog. Today we have come across yet another great software, which does the job just perfectly.

Welcome to EncryptStick.

Encrypt Stick™ is simple to download and easy to use. Important files that need to be secure are stored within encrypted Vaults. An unlimited number of vaults can be created on any type of writeable storage (hard drives, flash drives, network servers etc.) Encrypt Stick™ Vaults can’t be seen on a computer unless the USB is inserted and the correct password entered.

The best part of the software is that it leaves no footprints on your computer as it has to be operated directly from within the USB Stick itself. It resides on and runs off a flash drive, and will run on both PCs and Macs.

It also comes bundled with a password manager and a virtual keyboard, which makes it a complete security package in itself. Encrypt Stick™ is powered by the world’s strongest encryption algorithm. ENC Security’s polymorphic encryption method creates unique encryption algorithms based on the hardware ID of each USB flash drive.

What more would you ask.

And did we tell that it is a freeware software for personal use. The freeware version is a stripped down version of their feature-rich Pro version, but fr average user, the free version does the job just fine.

Features of EncryptStick – A Useful and Free USB Protection Software

Here is an impressive list of features of this freeware tool.

  • Works with Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7.
  • Works on any serial numbered flash drive.
  • Simple installation takes less than 5 minutes.
  • 512 bit Polymorphic Encryption.
  • Can create unlimited Invisible encrypted vaults folders on any PC.
  • Create invisible encrypted vaults folders on CD’s, DVD’s and external hard drives.
  • Shred/Military wipe of deleted files.
  • Application runs on a flash drive not a PC.
  • Application leaves no footprint on host PC.
  • Free Lifetime updates.
  • Encryption and Decryption speed of 500Mbs.
  • Encrypted files cannot be infected with Viruses.
  • Ability to use multiple USB flash drives on the same computer.
  • Locked files are safe from prying eyes if device is lost or stolen.
  • No minimumstipulations for CPU or memory.
  • Application is less than 4 MB.
  • No installation of software or drivers on host computeris required.
  • No set storage limit to invisible encrypted vaults folders.
  • Compression of files, thus increasing flash drive storage.
  • Password is not shared with an administrator.
  • Able to edit any documents on the fly without decrypting.
  • Simple user friendly interface.
  • Live search feature.
  • On-line support system.
  • Multiple window view modes, list, icon and columns.
  • Instant lock button.
  • Change password at any time.
  • Timeout feature, grants user to set a defined time to lock their flash drive.

Here is a nice video, which gives an idea about the basic functionality of this useful USB Protection Software.

[Download EncryptStick]