free usb securityThis post is meant for the users looking for ways to ensure free USB security for their pen drives and flash drives.

With the ever increasing popularity of these portable drives, the issues of data security on USB drives are becoming highly important. There are two issues here. First is how to safeguard your USB drives against malware infection, which could be acquired because of use of different computers, which may not be adequately protected.

And the second issue is the security of your data stored in the USB thumb drive, which might happen in case you loose your drive or somebody steals it. We are dealing with the latter case.

How to Protect USB Data Through Encryption

If you are a Windows user, and plan to migrate to Windows 7, then there is a good news for you. Windows 7 has a built in powerful data encryption utility, which can easily provide free security to USB drives. We have already carried a post on how to Encrypt USB Flash Drive Data with BitLocker To Go

In case, you are not on Windows 7, then the best free protection for USB Drives can be ensured through the use of a useful data encryption utility TrueCrypt.