Virtual Private Networks, VPN, are a way to transact data in a secured and safe manner across different computers. There are lots of ways in which you can establish a VPN of your own. Some are hardware based and you require a hub, through which different nodes are connected via physical media or wireless media.

Another approach of establishing a VPN is by using an Internet connection, which is easily available with every computer these days. By making the use of Internet through a VPN Software, you do not require to have a single piece of hardware for the purpose of establishing your Free VPN connection. The VPN performs like a cloud over the Internet. Such VPNs are fast to establish, cost effective and very user friendly. Anybody, with almost zero knowledge about the VPNs and their functionality can establish his VPN within minutes.

Comodo EasyVPN – A useful Free VPN Software

There are lots of VPN Client Software available in the market today. Some of them are paid solutions, while others are just Free VPN Clients. Comodo EasyVPN is one such Free VPN Software, which allows businesses and home users to quickly group multiple computers into a secure, peer to peer, network over the Internet. EasyVPN requires no expert configuration, is fast and easy to set up and uses 128 bit encryption to recreate a cabled local area network over the Internet.

free vpn software

Steps to Start Using this Free VPN Software Client

  1. Install the software and create an account
  2. Create a network
  3. Invite others to join your network
  4. Joining an existing networking
  5. Initiate Secure IM conversations, share files and printers or take remote desktop control of another PC

Features of this Useful Free VPN Software

  1. Access your PC from anywhere – EasyVPN allows you to take remote control of your home or work computer from any Windows PC in the world.
  2. Security by Comodo – 128 bit encrypted, peer to peer connections means your data and communications are 100% private and secure.
  3. Remote File and Printer Sharing – Creating an EasyVPN network allows you to exchange files and folders and even print to your local printer from any remote location.
  4. Zero Touch Configuration – EasyVPN lives up to it name and can be setup in minutes even by a novice.
  5. Scalable, Flexible, Secure – EasyVPN networks can be as large or small as you need.
  6. Secure Messaging – EasyVPN has a built in chat client that allows you to talk and transfer files effortlessly between all your network contacts. Unlike most instant messengers, the EasyVPN chat client is a secure communications channel which can be used to transfer highly confidential files and to conduct private conferencing sessions involving multiple contacts.

And the best part is that this Free VPN Software is free for personal use.

[Download Comodo EasyVPN]