Need of Networking

Nowadays computers are no more computing devices, running in stand-alone mode. They are all about networking, sharing knowledge, exchanging files and information and data transfer.

There are virtually hundreds of ways, in which you can network your computer with others. Some suited for bigger networked, some suited for your private networks. Some tough to configure, while others being just a cakewalk. Some secured, while others are vulnerable. It is sometimes very difficult for an average user to choose the best networking software tool.

Why Free VPN Software

For an average user, which require to exchange data with his friends and colleagues only, a VPN software is a good option. These VPN software allow you to establish your own Virtual Private Network on the already established Internet platform, without the need of any hardware requirement. They rely on strong encryption techniques to ensure that your data remains secured and use sophisticated techniques for authentication.

LogMeIn Hamachi – A Useful and Free VPN Client

LogMeIn Hamachi is one such useful free VPN Software, just ideal for the needs of an average user needs. The best part is that it is easy to setup, scalable and free for non-commercial use.

free vpn software

Hamachi is a UDP-based virtual private networking system. The different user computers in the VPN are helped by a third node called a mediation server to locate each other and to bootstrap the connection between them. The connection itself is direct and, once established, no traffic flows through Hamachi servers. Hence you can be assured about your online privacy that nothing is getting stored there.

Getting started to create your own VPN with this free software is very easy and they have a detailed step-by-step guide to help you establish your VPN.

LongMeIn Hamachi – Encryption

Encryption is a method that scrambles and unscrambles various pieces of information so that they can be sent securely from one location to another. In the case of LogMeIn Hamachi, a key exchange takes place between peers once each is authenticated by the Hamachi mediation server, and a tunnel has been established. This ensures that only the peers you designate can decrypt your data. Every message is also uniquely numbered to prevent replay attacks.

LongMeIn Hamachi – Authentication

Authentication ensures that the identities of everyone in your network, from the LogMeIn Hamachi servers to your peers, are verified. LogMeIn servers authenticate all peers using a RSA key-pair. To login, the client submits its Hamachi IP and uses its private key to sign the server’s challenge. The server verifies the signature and this authenticates the client.

Hamachi peers authenticate LogMeIn mediation servers using a RSA key-pair. When the client connects to the server, it announces which key it expects the server to have. If the server has the requested key, the login sequence commences.

LongMeIn Hamachi – Administration

Every LogMeIn Hamachi peer has several administrative options as mentioned below to help maintain the security of their Hamachi networks.

  1. Password Protection
  2. Network Lock
  3. Membership Approval
  4. Member Eviction
  5. Member Ban
  6. Create Network Administrators

Download LogMeIn Hamachi – The Free VPN Software