ftp monitor toolMost of the people use FTP (File Transfer Protocol) to upload / download files to / from their web servers. But in case your FTP passwords are compromised and somebody uploads malicious files and codes to your web server through a FTP client, it can become a nightmare fo ryou in case you do not have proper backups ready to keep you website running.

For such a situation, you might want to use an FTP Monitoring tool, which can alert you as soon as somebody tries to change something on your web server through that FTP account. Here we are bringing you three such applications, which can do the job perfectly.

FTP Guard: FTP Guard (Free) allows you to monitor the files on a single FTP account and receive an alert when files are added, deleted or modified. You can choose which actions should trigger an alert and also limit the monitoring to specific file extensions and folders. Monitoring can be performed manually or on a schedule (e.g. every 10 minutes) and the program can alert you with a system tray message, sound notification or application launch if any of your monitored files were changed.

Note: The current version only supports PASV connections.The free version of FTP Guard can be used with a single FTP connection, if you need to monitor more servers, paid versions are available.

WatchFTP: WatchFTP is a Windows program that monitors an FTP site for new and changed files and automatically downloads these to a local Windows folder. It can also run a batch script, or send email notification of the download.

WatchFTP is not a freeware application and it will set you back by just $89 USD (€69 EUR) for one license.

FTP Monitor: FTP Monitor gives you, as the website owner, a snap shot of what is being done on your site. Our custom reports will allow you to select a date range and see all the files that were changed during that time frame.

Know when you have been hacked. Know when someone is stealing bandwidth from you. FTP monitor is not a program you have to download and manage it is an online service that will automatically monitor your websites for you.

The basic version of FTP Monitor Application will cost you $99.99.