Problems of Conventional Antivirus Software

Today’s popular security software and antivirus applications have a reactive approach. They act of post-event basis. First a new malware or virus is identified, then its signature files are included in the database of that security software, then the end-user is expected to download the signature files and software updates and after that only the user can feel protected against that malware.

Thus, there is huge time difference between the time when a malware is created and injected into the system by the malware developers AND the time the end user gets armed and protected against it. This very time difference is the cause of infection of most of the computers today.

Intrusion Detection and Access Restriction Mechanism – Another Approach to Security

Access Restriction is yet another approach to security, which essentially means restricting the access of suspected applications and programs so as not to allow them to damage your operating system by

  1. Creating unwanted registry entries
  2. Making malicious changes to your registry entries
  3. Creating malware files
  4. Making unwanted modifications to your files
  5. Accessing confidential folders
  6. Logging keystrokes and Recording your activities
  7. Injecting malicious code into processes


GesWall is one such Freeware application, which allows you to protect against many security threats like the following.

  1. Information Disclosure attacks, copying confidential files
  2. Infecting executables
  3. Deleting documents
  4. Code injection
  5. Sending control keystrokes to windows (shatter attacks)
  6. Process termination through implicit context of WMI service
  7. Installing a backdoor attacks

Following quote from the website of GesWall aptly describes it.

GeSWall focuses on attack objectives such as taking control of a PC, stealing data, breaking system integrity and prevents damage regardless particular attack techniques. It protects you from intrusions and malicious software by isolating Internet exposed applications. Isolation applies an access restriction policy that effectively prevents all kinds of attacks, known and unknown.

Once installed, GeSWall dynamically isolates web browsers, e-mail, chat, P2P, IRC clients and other applications that may serve as entry points for malicious software or intrusions. Viruses, trojans, spyware and exploits cannot pass through an isolated application and so cannot cause any damage.

The technology used allows any application to be automatically isolated without configuration by a user. To make it even smoother and transparent, GeSWall applies specific access rules for most popular internet applications. Those specific rules come in an open Application Database.

Here is a nice detailed video on YouTube, which tells you about the features and uses of GesWall in more details.

There is a free version as well as a paid pro version of GesWall. Take a look at the features offered in both.


[Download GesWall]