Need to Get Desktop / Laptop Computer System Info

If you have purchase a brand new Desktop or Laptop computer, then the first thing, which comes to your mind is to check the configuration and different part of the computer, whether they match with the advertised and ordered one or not.

This system information is related to many parts of your computer like  computer ID, processor, BIOS, memory, disks, video, motherboard, monitor and other. Sure, all this parts info is available within the control panel of your operating system, but many user find a great difficulty in understanding where they can get this info and how to interpret it.

Smart System Informer – A Nice Utility to Get the Computer Parts Info

Smart System Informer is a freeware utility, which gives this important information about your computer in neat, organized and easily comprehensible manner. Applications are shown at processes, startup and uninstall list. All parameters give at real-time mode. We recommend you the programs that help you look about hardware, software, memory, registry.

smart system informer

[Download Smart System Informer]