Gmail is today the favorite web based email service of most of the high-end users of email services. People consider different reasons for the same…all ranging from it being fast, reliable, good spam filters, feature-rich and constantly evolving to new requirements.

However, there are times, when even the most reliable service like Gmail goes down. It can potentially rock your boat. And imagine a situation, when you loose your Gmail account due to hacking or you forgetting your password or in some cases even Google forfeiting your account. What will you do? Do you have a backup plan ready? Can you survive in such a situation.

The solution lies in Gmail Backup.

Gmail backup is a freeware software, which allows you to take a back of your Gmail messages to your desktop and restore it as and when required. The email messages are backup up in the standard .eml format. You can backup all the messages within a specific date range or just download the newest ones (for future backups). The messages are named after their subject line, the sender and the date stamp, which makes it easier to search your backup folder for specific messages.

Gmail Backup provides a simple and straightforward interface and also supports command-line execution for automated backups. Requires IMAP access to be enabled in your Gmail account.

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