google account securityToday Google is the undisputed leader of web services. There is no two thoughts about it. With the plethora of applications and web applications on offer, most of which are offered free to the direct users, Google now enjoys the credibility of millions of users around the world. And with the added convenience of Google Accounts, which allow you to access all Google services through a single login, the usability of Google services is unprecedented.

But all this comes at a price, and the price here is the risk of loosing the login credentials of all these services at one go, if in an unfortunate case you happen to loose your Google Account. For many of the Internet users today, Google Account login credential is one of the most important information, which they want to safeguard.

How to Protect Your Google Accounts

Priya Nayak, from Consumer Operations, Google Accounts has recently wrote a useful post about the importance and tactics you should employ for your Google Account Security. She elaborates lots of tips, which I have also been advocating in my writings and talks. But one thing, which just caught me surprised and which I have also ignored for a long time, was she pointing towards revoking access from services and applications you no longer need.

Off late, I had forgotten that Google Accounts allows third party applications and services to access your accounts, with your permission. Many times it happens that you allow these services at a point of time and later on forget about that. Over a period of time, you might have allowed a lot of services, and some of them might have changed their policies, which you may not like.

If this is the case, then it is time to review the access to these service. If you find that you no longer require this service, it is best to revoke the access right now. Why to take risk with a third party with such an important issue like Google Account Security.

How To Revoke Authority from Applications to Use Google Accounts Data

To edit the list of authorized websites:

  1. Sign in on the Google Accounts homepage.
  2. Click the My Account link displayed at the top right of the page.
  3. Click Change authorized websites. This page will list all third-party sites you’ve granted access to.
  4. Click the Revoke Access link to disable access for a site.