The Need of Hiding Rrnning Programs

Many a times you are working on your computer and you have to lend it to a colleague for some quick task. Or you might be working in a shared computer environment, and some other person may be working on your computer.

In such cases, you may sometimes not like the other person to know, what were you doing. What programs, applications and software you were working upon and what exactly were you doing in them.

One way is to just close these programs and applications. But sometimes you do not get enough time to do so and at other times, you may not like to close them and -reopen them later.

LockThis – The Perfect Tool for Hiding Running Programs and Applications

In such a situations, LockThis is just a perfect tool for you. It allows you to minimize any running software or program by pressing CTRL key. Once minimized, they can be maximized or restored only after entering the correct password.

hiding running programs

This way, you can protect and hide, the task you were performing when you minimized the application.

It’s very easy to apply the protection. All you have to do is pressing Ctrl btn while minimizing the window of the program/document and supply the password in the dialog that follows. Now the content is save because the window can not be restored or maximized without supplying the correct password. Whever the window is about to be restored or maximized a dialog asking for password will pop up. If the correct password is not supplied, the restore or maximize request is simply ignored and the window stays minimized.

However please do not rely solely on LockThis! to protect really sensitive matters. Because although in the latest version we have password protect every mission critical areas, but there are still ways to close LockThis! by force.

This is a freeware download from DurioSoft.

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