All modern browser remember the websites you have visited. This is to give you the customized user experience. But it also a source of privacy concern for a user, specially if you are using your browser from a public computer or which can be accessed by others.

A typical example is that if you are fond of watching porn on your home computer, and want that to avoid it to be known to your better half, who can always search your browsing history in your absense.

No, I am not promoting such a behavior from you, but everybody has the right to choose his way of living. And so here is a solution for blocking the selected websites (hosts) completely from going into your browser history.

There are other options also available, if you want to browse internet anonymously, but HitoryBlock allows you to retain all your hisory and block only the sites you choose from going into your history, with just a click of your mouse.


Download and install HitoryBlock. After that, whenever you are on a website you want to delete from your browser history, just right click anywhere on the page and select Blog History; all the pages of that website will get deleted from your Firefox History.

Alternatively, you can also add selected websites from the Firefox Menu.