check for keyloggersKeyloggers and Spyware are the two most important factors contributing to the growth in the cases of Identity theft. In case you are suspecting that keyloggers are installed onto your system, then you shoud be aware of how to check for keyloggers on your computer.

Keyloggers are just like other programs and applications. The main difference being that they try to hide their presence from normal tools. You have to dig a bit deeper into the Windows processes to find them and recognize them. If you are using earlier version of Windows like Windows XP or earlier, then there are some freeware tools, which can easily check keyloggers in your computer.

For later versions of Windows, we will suggest you to take a look at tools like Microsoft Process Explorer to find the hidden processes associated with the installed keyloggers on your computer. We have already carried a post on How to Find Keyloggers in Computer with Microsoft Process Explorer.

Remember, checking of keylogging activities on your computer is not an easy job. You will have to dig deeper in the Windows Processes. But it will be worth the efforts.

Your PC Security is hugely important, isn’t it?