Behavior Based Detection of Malware Files and Processes

Most of the real time PC security software available today are signature based. They depend upon identification of a malware, analysis of its signature, updation of the database of the security software vendor and then download of the updated signature files by the end user.

malware detectionThis complete cycle often results in a time lag between the instant the malware or a vulnerability if detected and the instant when the end user ultimately gets protected against the malware threat. This is a critical period, which often causes Zero-Day attacks to get succeeded. Zero Day attacks are often related to the vulnerabilities, which can be exploited before they are plugged in.

However, there is another approach to the malware detection. This is called behavioral approach. In this approach, antivirus software monitors the system for suspicious program behavior. If suspicious behavior is detected, the suspect program may be further investigated, using signature based detection or another method listed in this section. This type of detection can be used to identify unknown viruses or variants on existing viruses

No Unique Malware Detection Approach is Fool Proof

It is to be remembered that when it comes to PC Security, nothing is perfect. You just cannot rely on one single approach or security tool. Behavior based Approach for the detection of malware files and processes often complements the merits of Signature based approach.

ThreatFire – A Freeware Tool to Detect and Block Malware Files and Processes

ThreatFire is zero-day security software designed for the average consumer. ThreatFire protects in real-time against viruses, worms, trojans, spyware, adware, rootkits, keyloggers, and buffer overflows. It is designed to be used alongside your current antivirus to protect you between antivirus updates.

threatfireBecause it is behavior-based and not signature-based, ThreatFire protects against both known and unknown, or zero-day, threats. It is easy to install, painless to use, and immediately effective against today’s computer security threats.

It continuously monitors all activities on your PC at a very low system level and uses a proprietary combination of analytics, risk algorithms, program histories and tolerance thresholds to identify and shut down threats. It proactively paralyzes any activity or behavior that might compromise the security of a PC so the PC is always protected, no matter how new the threat.

Here is a nice video on ThreatFire Review.

You can download and use ThreatFire absolutely Free for Home use.

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