gmailGmail is probably the most feature rich, advanced and popular-among-the-geeks web based email service. After the long stint in remaining a BETA service, Gmail has recently some out of the BETA status and become a full-fledged service.

Gmail is perceived to be the most secured web mail service. Because of its great security features, excellent spam catching tools, lots of gadgets and addons, Gmail today is making steady progress in the web based email client marketplace.

Last Login Activity – A Feature of Gmail Helping You to Detect Gmail Password Hacking

One of the feature, which I like about Gmail is the Last Login Activity. Gmail allows you to see the last few accesses made to your gmail account. If somebody had been able to crack or hack gmail password, and had accesses your gmail account, then you can get this information by clicking the <details> link against Last Login Activity.

gmail password hacking

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Recent activity includes any times that your mail was accessed, using a regular web browser, through a POP client, from a mobile device, etc. It will list the IP address from which the access was made, as well as the time and date.

gmail password cracking

How to use this data

If you’re concerned about unauthorized access to your mail, you’ll be able to use this data to find out if and when someone gained access. It’s information we’d use to troubleshoot unauthorized account activity, and now it’s available to you. Does the Access Type column show any unusual access? If you don’t use POP to collect your mail, but your Recent activity table is showing some POP access, it may be a sign that your account has been compromised.

The IP address column is also useful. If you always or most often sign in to Gmail using a single computer, your IP address should be the same, or start with the same two sets of numbers (for example, 172.16.xx.xx). If you’re seeing an IP address that differs greatly from your usual IP address, it could either mean that you’ve recently accessed your mail from a different location, or that someone has accessed your mail. Your current IP address is displayed below the Recent activity table.

Remember, to ensure the best PC Security, you have to be vigilant and keep your eyes and ears open.