This post gives you steps required for file encryption of MS Word 2007 files. Similar steps exist for the encryption of the files in other versions of MS Word.

MS Office has a built-in utility, which allows you to easily encrypt your word file with a few clicks. But remember that this file encryption method just provides you password protection and nothing else. It can provide you some basic security against unauthorized access to some casual attempts to access your word file.

But be warned, a determined effort to break the security of such password protected MS Word files can easily succeed. There are lots of pages on Internet telling you how to access the password protected word files.

Having said that, these are the steps for MS Word 2007 file encryption


  • Click on the Round Orb, in the Upper left corner of Word 2007 window.
  • Click on Prepare >Encrypt Document
  • It will ask you to enter a password and then confirm it.
  • Go ahead and save the file.

Next time, whenevr somebody tries to open this file, Word will ask for the password and allow it to open only if the correct password is provided.