Today’s Internet users are heavily dependent upon the use of search engines. The relevance of earlier days Web Directories has long been replaced by the use of Search Engines and you can’t imagine your online life without the use of Search engines.

But Privacy is an issue, which is getting a lot of attention with Internet users these days. it is a fact that today’s popular search engines gather a lot of personal information about you in the name of customizing the search results to best suit your requirements based upon your preference and searching habits.

The private information collected by these search engines is also used to serve you targeted advertisements based upon your search history so as to maximize the ROI of the advertisers.

Should You Really Be Concerned About Your Privacy With These Search Engines

But is it really a cause of worry. There are lots of people who care a damn as long as their favorite search engines is able to serve them what they need. For them, these search engines are trust worthy businesses and they can safely rely upon them.

We are not questioning here about the trust-worthiness of these search engines. But in case, you are really concerned about sharing your search history with anybody else, including the search engines, then there are options available to you.

We have already covered review of Private Search Engine IXQuick and Startpage. Both of them are essentially the same tool but work on different domains. They do not even store your IP Address what to talk about the search history.

And if you are like me who is habitual of using the search box provided by your browser and hate to go the website of a search engine, then you can add IZQuick to the search engines listed in your firefox search engines. You simple have to download and install the simple Firefox Addon from the Firefox site.

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[Download IXQuick Search Firefox Addon]