Browser Search History – A Convenient Feature

how to search historySearch Engines have long replaced web directories as the starting point of web browsing. In their continuous process of evolving, many exciting features have been introduced, which let you quickly skim through loads of information and make you reach your target information quickly, easily and conveniently.

Today’s search engines keep track of your search history to understand your likings and dis-likings and accordingly customize the search results for your future queries. Keeping track of your search history helps them to understand you better and serve you better. There are many privacy concerns over whether search engines should do it or not, but ultimately they have been doing it, and this goes to say that the users are happy with the results.

If you are looking for ways to find, view or save your search history, then there are two options. One is to go the specific search engines like Google, Bing etc, which have a dedicated service to keep track of your search history. For instance, you can use Google Search History page to know all the search queries you have presented to Google. Bing also provides you a similar service. But you have to login to your account in order to access these services. And off-course, you have to go to individual search engine website to keep track of your search history.

How to Find, View or Save All Browser Search History

The other option is to use the search history stored in your browser files themselves. All popular web browsers like Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Google Chrome store your search history. There are tools, which can dig deep into these files and give you the history of all your search queries done in the past. You do not have to go to individual Search engine’s history page and all information is quickly retrieved right within your computer files, without you even needing an Internet connection.

But the dis-advantage is that, the search history from your browser files can get deleted, if you clear the private information from the browser and delete the search history.

MyLastSearch  – Freeware Tool to View your Latest Search Engine Queries

MyLastSearch utility scans the cache and history files of your Web browser, and locate all search queries that you made with the most popular search engines (Google, Yahoo and MSN) and with popular social networking sites (Twitter, Facebook, MySpace). The search queries that you made are displayed in a table with the following columns: Search Text, Search Engine, Search Time, Search Type (General, Video, Images), Web Browser, and the search URL.

You can select one or more search queries and then copy them to the clipboard or save them into text/html/xml file. MyLastSearch utility doesn’t require any installation process or additional DLL files. In order to start using it, simply copy the executable file (MyLastSearch.exe) to any folder you like, and run it.

search history

After running it, MyLastSearch scans the cache and history files of your Web browsers (Internet Explorer and/or Firefox), and find all search queries stored in them. The scanning process may take from a few seconds to 1 minute, depending on the size of your cache and history files. After the scanning process is finished, the main window should display the list of all search queries the you made with the most popular search engines.

[Download NirSoft MyLastSearch]