What is Browser Helper Object, BHO

remove bhoA Browser Helper Object (BHO) is a DLL module designed as a plugin for Microsoft’s Internet Explorer web browser to provide added functionality. BHOs were introduced in October 1997 with the release of version 4 of Internet Explorer. Most BHOs are loaded once by each new instance of Internet Explorer.

BHO, just like the addons, enhance the functionality of Microsoft IE and make it feature rich. However, because BHOs have unrestricted access to the Internet Explorer event model, some forms of malware have also been created as BHOs. BHO seldom requires permission before performing further actions, hence it easy for malicious coders to conceal the actions of their browser addons.

How to Remove Malicious BHO Trojans

The first step towards the removal of BHO is the actual identification of the malicious BHO and the registry keys associated with it. If you can do it yourself, then you can manually remove them and get rid of the malicious BHO.

However identification of Malware BHO may be difficult. There is a tool, which can make it easy for you. BHORemover from SecurityXploded helps in quick identification and elimination of such malcious BHO’s present in the system. It not only displays detailed information about each BHO entry but also provides online verification mechanism which makes it easy to differentiate between legitimate and malicious plugins.

Current version of BHORemover comes with enhanced user interface with cool look and feel, sorting mechanism to arrange the entries based on various parameters and online verification of BHO using ProcessLibrary.com.

How does BHORemover help You Removing BHO?

All Browser Helper Objects installed on the system are stored under following registry key

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Browser Helper Objects

Each entry under this key is a CLSID which uniquely identifies particular BHO. Once you know the CLSID, more information about it can be obtained by looking for that ID under following registry key


This will give your complete path information of the DLL associated with the BHO. From this path information, you can find out company name, file version, size, installation date etc.

To remove particular BHO, you have to remove those above mentioned entries from registry. Note that modifying the registry manually can be dangerous and leads to disastrous results if edited wrongly. It is recommended that you use BHORemover tool to remove it from the system easily and quickly.

BHO Remover

A useful tool for fortifying your PC Security.

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