Besides main functions of operating system like process management, memory management and Security , how to evaluate best operating System for your PC Still remains much more interesting .

While Evaluating or selecting Best operating system , measuring operating system over all performance is judged by combination of  following terms . They are

• Throughput : It is the total volume of work performed by system per unit time. It is measured as number of processes that are completed by system per unit time usually measured in processes/hour.

• Turnaround time : From point of view of an individual user an important criterion is how long it takes system to complete a job submitted by him or her . Turn around time is interval from time of submission of job to system for processing to time of completion of job.

Apart from above Factors Consideration, some of important parameters should also be considered for selection of best operating system which can be depending upon type of PC you are using . They are

  • Type of Manufacturer and its Review Ratings : Depending Upon Home or commercial use .
  • Media Features : Supporting features like media player, animations, plug and play, dvd cd  burning ,multimedia and moreover Ease of use.
  • Security Features : Supporting Features  like internet firewall, antivirus software parental control and File encryption.
  • Networking & Mobile Features : supporting Networking wizards with roaming user profiles Battery life ,Wireless access points etc.
  • Backup and Restore features.
  • Hardware compatibility with help and support .
  • Trouble shooting ,remote assistance and automatic updates .

Thus these are crucial quality factors which can help to select best Operating System for Healthy and secured PC.