view html source codeMost of the Modern Day browsers have an option to view the HTML source code of any web page through menu options. The keyboard shortcut to View Source Code command is generally Ctrl+U.

But in case you are a developer or security worker and do not want to completely load the entire page in your browser, just looking at the source code, then there Firefox and Google Chrome have a View-Source protocol handler. Just append view-source before the actual URL of the web page in the address bar and hit Enter.

Viewing the source code in this manner is specially useful, if you are concerned about the presence of some malicious code on the web page, which might infect your computer if allowed to execute while loading the web page in your browser. But remember, this is not a complete safe procedure, as it still uses some regular HTTP sessions, and malicious codes can be executed through them.

Have a look at the HTML Source Code of this page here.