Belkin Router – Notes and Password List

What is passwordhttp:// is a default IP address of many of the routers, which are used by a computer for accessing a network of Internet. This is used by companies like Belkin and ACCTON at the manufacturing stage itself and can be used by a computer user through his browser.

Once the user enters in his browser address bar, the admin area of the router is opened, which can be used o configure different settings in the router.

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As you know that IP address is the mechanism by which different machines in a network identify each other. While other IPs are open to be used by different computer outside your network, a series of IP Addresses viz. to, is reserved for the internal use of the network. The Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) has reserved this block as a private network.

Forgot Router Password – Here is the Password List

We have earlier carried a post, where we have posted the default passwords of the routers manufactured by most of the vendors all over the world. Click here to go to the list.

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