What is http://www.192.168.11 passwordhttp://www.192.168.11 is most probably a typing error. Actually the user must be wanting to refer to, which is the default IP address for many of the routers used to connect a computer on a network.

http://www. is a private IP address, which means that it can be used across multiple networks. But on one network, it can be used only for one device, not for more than one. This is unlike the public IP addresses, which can be used only for a single machine in the entire world wide web.

This IP address is used by the user to access the administrative settings of the router. This is done by connecting the router to the computer and typing http://www. into the address bar of the browsers like Internet Explorer, Firefox or Chrome.

Forgot http://www.192.168.11 Password ?

If you want to access your router, but you have forgotten the admin and login details and password, then you can refer to our post on passwords. There you will find a list of most of the router manufacturers, their default private IP Addresses and the login / password used by them as default.