The concept of online data back and storage of files is gaining popularity these days. People are increasingly getting concerned about the security, and accessibility of their data and are willing to even pay for getting a reliable data storage solution.

There have been lots of online memory storage services launched in last few years and some are really good. Humyo is one such service.

Humyo – Free Online Data Backup and Storage Solution was founded in 2007 by Dan Conlon (MD) and Peter Dubens (Chairman) and initially offered 30GB of storage space for free. In October 2008, the company reduced the amount of storage space offered free of charge to new users to 10GB. The catch is that of this 10 GB, 5Gb is restricted only for the media files and rest 5 GB is for other types of files. But still, this is a nice deal for most people, since you may not be needing more online storage memory than this.

humyo plans

And if you really need more space than what is on offer for Free Web Storage plans, then there are always the paid plans from Humyo.

Features of Humyo – The Online Data Storage Utility

  • Synchronise multiple computers: Just install Humyo SmartDrive on all of the computers, then whenever you make changes to a file on one, it will be synchronised to them all – instantly. You can choose which folders to synchronise
  • Immediate and continuous backup: Your data is securely backed up as you work.
  • Easy Recovery of Data: Just login to the web interface and restore deleted files or previous versions in a click.
  • Offline access: Humyo SmartDrive allows you to access and edit files in your online storage space when you’re not connected to the Internet. Changes you make offline are synchronised to your space and other computers the next time you connect.
  • Access from your favorite applications: Your entire storage space appears as another hard drive on your computer.
  • Easy Sharing: Send files of any size with just one click – direct from your desktop. With our workspace accounts, you can even share folders and individual files with other people making collaborating with colleagues easy!

Here is a nice YouTube video showing features of Humyo and how to use it.

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