Why Internet Explorer Remains Most Vulnerable Browser

Despite a stiff competition from newer web browser like Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Safari, Internet Explorer, IE, is still the most used web browser in the world. It still accounts for more than 50% of all web browsers user in the world.

And so, the choice for the malware developers is obvious. If anytime they have to decide which browser to attack, they will choose Internet Explorer, just because it has the widest reach.

There is yet another reason also.

Internet Explorer is the default browser shipped with the most popular operating system in the world…i.e. Microsoft Windows. Out of all those people who use Internet Explorer, there is a sizable proportion of users, who use it just because they do not know about any other choice. Even if they know, they are too lethargic to try other browsers. And these ignorant and lethargic users are perceived to show same attitude towards their PC Security. They are expected to show similar attitude towards updating their software, towards using the latest version of good security software and reamining vigilant during their online attitude.

And so the target for the malware developers is obvious…the Internet Explorer.

Trend Micro Browser Guard – Free Security Add on for Internet Explorer

IE browser SecuritySorry for getting deviated. The purpose of this post was not to discuss the vulnerabilities of IE, but to introduce a useful security add on, specially meant for IE at present.

This IE browser addon, which is developed and upgraded by the noted security vendor Trend Micro, prevents known and unknown web threats. Zero-day attacks such as Aurora and Hydraq can be proactively blocked by Browser Guard, which detects and prevents behavior associated with these types of threats.

Cybercriminals often use malicious JavaScript inserted into web pages, where attacks can take place silently, without any visible effect. Browser Guard also protects you from such attacks by analyzing and subsequently blocking malicious JavaScript. For the most advanced and efficient detection, Browser Guard communicates with the Trend Micro Smart Protection Network, bringing you the latest protection when you surf the web.

Key Benefits of Trend Micro Browser Guard

  • Protects against zero day exploits
  • Detects buffer-overflow and heap-spray attacks
  • Protects against execution of shell code
  • Analyzes and protects against malicious JavaScript
  • Connects with Trend Micro Smart Protection Network to maximize detections

It is a freeware IE Security tool from Trend Micro and you can download the same from the link given below.

[Download Trend Micro Browser Guard]