There are many image to sketch converter services available online, which can convert your photos and pictures to pencil sketches in a flash. You just have to upload your image to their servers and they will convert it into beautiful looking images instantly.

However, if you are concerned about privacy issues, or if you want to convert lots of images into sketches, then you may want to download a free software to the convenience of your desktop and use it as and when required, without bothering to connect to Internet and opening the sketch converter tool.

CPS Software’s Instant Photo Sketch in one such freeware utility, which allows you to convert images to sketches, with just a few clicks. The interface is so simple, that there is no control other than a slider bar, which controls the level of details that go into the sketch. But it is to be noted that ultimately the quality of the sketch will depend upon the quality of the image or photo, which was used to create the sketch.

The free software download also has zoom function and allows you to save the result as .jpeg or .png.

image to sketch converter

Simple is beautiful, isn’t it?

[Download Instant Photo Sketch]