Traditional antivirus and security suites prevalent today rely upon the fast detection of virus signatures and updation of the user database with these signatures. They have the inherent weaknesses, because it is often the case the ultimate user’s virus definitions are not up-to-date because of one reason or the other, and this is enough loophole for the malware to exploit and infect the user computer.

A novel approach to overcome this drawback is to use cloud based computing for the use of antivirus as well. The tremendous increase in the availability of cheap bandwidth has ensure that such cloud based computing processes are available, where actually the computing is done at a remote location or server.

Immunet Protect 2.0 Review

Immunet Protect uses similar approach for providing cloud based antivirus solution to your computer. It is a community based antivirus, which ensures that as soon as any user detects the presence of a new virus, the entire community using the product gets alerted and in turn gets protected against that virus.

Another advantage of this approach is that it is light on resources on user computer. Since most of the computing is cloud based, very little resources of your computer are required to run it.

And the biggest advantage of Immunet is that you can use it alongwith your existing security software. It will not hinder or create any interference with its working. Thus it adds a lightweight layer of extra protection to your PC Security plan. What more can you ask from a freeware product.

immunet protect 2.0 review

The only disadvantage is that it requires your Internet connection to operate. You cannot use it as standalone antivirus without the Internet. Given the present state of computers, when the number of computers, which are always hooked to the net in increasing by each passing day, the days are brighter for such cloud based antivirus products.

Immunet Protect has recently launched the version 2.0 of their flagship product. The main features in the new products are …

A new Antivirus Engine: It is now supporting Avira’s Free Antivirus engines and probably is the first product to offer multiple antivirus engines support.

A New User Interface: The interface looks clean and appealing.

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