If you are interested in the monitoring your Internet traffic exchanged by your computer, then iTraffic Monitor is a good option. It is a freeware traffic monitoring tool, which allows you to monitor your network traffic and thus exercise a good control over your bandwidth usage.

iTraffi Monitor also allows you to check your data speed rates. You can check how fast your Internet connection is performing and it gives you neatly categorized report to arrive at a definite conclusion. The Stopwatch features allows you to monitor the traffic between a definite period of interval as specified by you.

internet traffic monitor

Features of iTraffic Monitor

  • Monitor and review your Internet or network bandwidth usage with ease.
  • How fast your internet connection? We can graph it for your review.
  • How much data do you transfer? We show you a real-time graph or numerical display, as well as daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly reports.
  • Requires minimal desktop space and system resources.

Here is a screenshot of the various report available with this handy monitoring tool.

internet traffic monitor tool