iPhone 3G has been quite popular and off late become a status symbol. And there have been lots of speculations and buzz about its next version iPhone 4G, already there has not been any official announcement from Apple about its release dates.

iPhone 4G is expected to take months from now, before taking any concrete shapes, what to talk about its availability today. But iPhone 4G scams have already surfaced and going great guns.

See the Screenshot below, which is a search result page on Twitter for the query “Free iPhone 4G“.

free iphone 4g scam

You will find a series of tweets, from people having images of sexy women in their twitter profile, all claiming to distribute you free iPhone 4G. C’mon people, today even Apple doesn’t when the iPhone 4G will be made available and you have already started distributing it, and that too Free.

Too good to be true. But let’s explore further.

Click on any of them, although I do not suggest you to click because of possible malware infections, and you will be resolved to this link in the address bar of your browser.

iphone 4g scam

If you check the domain mb01.com, you will find that it is used by the CPA Ad network MaxBounty.com, which is pays its affiliates for on Cost per Action basis. It is a marketplace, through which Affiliates are paid for the desired action as demanded by the advertisers.

4g iphone scam

mb01.com seems to be used by MaxBounty.com to keep track of the clicks for the payment to its affiliates. After this tracking, the visitor is redirected to the website of http://www.surveyscout.com, which is a survey company and collects the user data.

Here, when the visitor lands on the SurveyScout.com page, he is asked to enter his personal details. The visitor innocently enters the details, which may potentially land in wrong hands. See the screenshot below.

iphone scam

So, you see the scam. It is all designed to collect the users’ personal data, and potentially can be used to infect the innocent users’ computer.

Beware of such scams. Remember, anything too good to be true should always raise a ring of caution.