Kaspersky is one of the leaders in the security software industry today. KAV Internet Security is known to be the best protection from all sorts of malware and spyware.

But KAV Internet security provides you the real time protection. Many times we are faced in a situation, when the computer is so heavily infected, where it is not possible to even boot up the system, what to talk about using it and running the antivirus and security applications.

This has happened recently with one of my friend and I was contacted for help. The best solution in such a situation is to format the system and start afresh, but that solution was not applicable here, because that poor soul was not having the backup of her hard disk, which contained some of her research papers.

And so, I advised her to try her hand on one of the Bootable Antivirus CD Disk, about which I have already written in a series on this blog. I advised her to try her hand on KAV Rescue CD for Windows first, and I was happy to note that she was able to get her system operational within one day.

You can find a review of KAV Rescue CD for Windows on my blog.