What is Kneber Bot Virus

On this blog earlier, we have extensively covered about the various variation of the Zeus Virus; ranging from topics like how security software miss the detection of Zeus malware, how Zeus is getting more and more potent and also told about online tools to detect and avoid malware like Zeus.

Knenber Botnet is yet another malware hitting the computers round the globe after the terror stricken by Zeus. It was discovered in the early February of last year, when as many as 75,000 computers from 2,500 organizations were found infected from this botnet. These sites were mainly social networking sites.

kneber bot virusKneber Botnet collects login information for online financial sites, social networking websites, and the e-mail systems of infected computers and relays that data back to hackers via a network. And now it has been reported to have returned back with a vengeance and infected lots of machines through a dedicated email campaign. These emails were reportedly sent disguised as a Christmas and New Year wish. As soon as people clicked on the two malware links embedded in the email, there machines were infected with the Kneber Trojan resulting in the stealing of the financial data and personal information stored in their computers.

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We have repeatedly been asserting on this blog that online security is in your own hands. No security software, howsoever smart and advanced, can provide you a complete protection. It is well within your own online behavior. Make it a habit to avoid reckless clicking on links while browsing Internet or while reading emails. Click on a link, when you are absolutely sure that you really want to open the page and you know where it is going to land you. Links are not just for fun. The can bring disaster..