google harmful sites“This site may harm your computer”.

How many times you have seen this phrase on a Google Search Page. A click on such a link will lead your browser to another warning page that this web site may be harmful for your computer. We know that you are careful enough to trust Google interpretation about these harmful web sites and avoid going to these web sites.

But have you wondered how and why Google determines the sites as harmful. And if you are one of those unfortunate webmasters, whose site has been marked as harmful, then there must be lots of questions in your mind about these issues.

It is not necessary that every site that is marked as harmful by Google is at fault. Some of them are actually victims of hacking activities and their webmasters have nothing to do with these nefarious activities.

But what to do, in case your site has been classified as harmful.

Now Google has opened a Forum, where you can ask all your queries about this issue. They will be taken up and answered by the Google itself. Google has opened a Google Moderator page for you to submit your questions, and to vote on other webmasters’ questions. On Friday the 28th of August, they will close the page and select a few of the top-rated questions. Over the course of the next several weeks, they will do their best to answer each of these in a write-up, to be published there and to the Webmaster Malware Forum.

Go shoot your questions.