Web browsers are the gateway to your Internet world. And at the same time they are the passage to get infected from the online threats.

Applying latest release version to your web browser is one of they keys to your PC Security. In an earlier post on this blog, we have found out which of the popular web browsers are quick to release updates and which are take longest to release browser updates.

But despite lots of pains taken by the browsers to release patches and updates, browser users procrastinate and delay their update decisions.

Mozilla recently released the latest Firefox Update in the form of version 3.6. At the time of the release of their latest Firefox, they gave the users to update their browsers and if they denied the update, then they were redirected to a survey page to ascertain the reason why they are not installing the latest Firefox Update.

latest firefox updateThe responses given are summarized in the adjacent table.

It shows that the most common reason given by the users is “No Time”. C’mon people, it hardly takes a minute or two to install the latest firefox update. How can you disregard the importance of using the latest release of your browser and keeping yourself safe from most of the online threats.

We at PC Security, would like to advice its users to not delay the use of the latest version of their browser of choice. Using the latest version of your browser is the single most important step towards a better online security.