Twitter Traffic Scams

Twitter is no doubt in rage. With the recent joining of celebrities like Barack Obama and Bill Gates, Twitter has gained unprecedented popularity in such a short time.

And as a general rule, popularity not only attracts the genuine users, but also attracts scammers, spammers, hackers and malware writers. Keeping the trend you might come across lots of Twitter traffic scam sites, which lure innocent Twitter users by promising them loads of followers and traffic.

Someone, just sent a link for such a website ( to me. I used my sandbox to go to the link. And Google Chrome warned me it as a possible phishing site. I carefully proceeded and found the following.

This site is promising you to make a VIP member and you just have to give them your Twitter username and password. Pretty easy stuff to fool around.

But it is dis-heartening to note that people continue to fall for such simple traps and give their credentials.