In case you work in an environment, where others are also present, and you are worried that somebody may take a peek at your system in case you move away from your computer for a small duration, then you may need a handy utility to quickly lock your computer screen.

Screen Lock Feature of Windows

Just for this purpose, Microsoft has built this facility in Windows, where the screen gets locked after predefined time of non-activity on your computer. You have to enter the password to regain the access to your computer screen.

lock-computer-screenBut are passwords safe? Many people fear about this question. There can be fear of keyloggers, which can steal your password and in your absence, your computer screen is no more secure.

In such a case, Predator provides the solution. It is a tiny portable application running on your USB Disk, which can be inserted into your computer to unlock the computer screen. As soon as you go and leave the computer open, just take the USB Stick alongwith you, and your computer screen will get locked. When you come back, you will be required to insert the USB Stick back into the computer to unlock the computer screen.

Even the task manager access is disabled. If any person tries to disable the utility running on your computer, he will not be able to do so.

[Download Predator]