If you are a regular web surfer, chances are that you have lots of usernames and passwords to remember. With virtually every other website luring you to open an account for you, it becomes very difficult to keep track of all the login details. And with security experts advising you to keep your passwords long and difficult and not to repeat them at more than one place, password management becomes a nightmare and people start using weak passwords and tend to repeat them at different places.

So what is the solution?

The solution lies in the use of a password management service. Logaway is a one such online password management service, which allows you to do away with the hassles of remembering your passwords anymore. It allows you to login to your favorite websites with just a simple click on its icon.

Logaway Review

For using this service, you have to first open the Logaway site and your key. This will open a virtual locker, where all the sites you have setup for the password to be remembered, are arranged and categorized in a neat manner. You just click on the icon, and you are automatically entered into that site with your login details.

Nice concept.

logaway review

However, one drawback, which I found very irritating is that you have to enter all your usernames and passwords manually for each site for the first time. You might require more than an hour or so just to enter these details, and many of us might get frustrated with it.

I will still give my vote in favor of a service like LastPass, which captures the usernames and passwords automatically as you use it within your browser. It does not require you to sit for a separate session just to enter the login details into the system.

Here is a nice video depicting use of LogAway.

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