malware virus alertWe have been monitoring and reporting lots of Rogue Security Software, which operate like ransomeware. Essentially they take hostage of your computer and show repeated fake warning messages that your computer is infected and you need to purchase the licensed version of the ransomeware to protect it.

Off course the warnings are fake and meant to deceive users into the purchase. The other type of ransomeware, cripple your computer or encrypt vital parts of your hard disk data and demand money to restore it.

Dennis Fisher, a security blogger at Kaspersky Labs, has reported the detection of yet another variant of these ransomeware, which demand money through SMS. They ask the victim to SMS a definite code to a particular premium phone line. The victim is typically charged for the SMS a sum of about $10. Once the SMS is received and the victim charged for the SMS, the hostage is released and the computer is allowed to operate normally.

These malware viruses are termed as SMS Blockers. They typically encrupt critical parts of the victim hard disk or display some pornographic image on the screen, which is virtually impossible to be removed. Whatever be the way, they ensure to make the computer unusable and release it from their clutches only after getting the money.

The threat is found spreading widely in Eastern Europe, Russia and parts of India. Be watchful. Please ensure to upgrade your security software with the latest virus definitions and update all the software to their latest release.

Exercise restraint in your online behavior and remember to Pause-Before-a-Click so as to ensure your PC Security and online Privacy.