malware website scanToday’s search engines like Google and Yahoo are the gateway for the Internet traffic. Not only they search and index quality websites for their users, but they also scan hidden malware in the websites and protect the search engine users from visiting them. They use API’s to warn users that the target website is suspected to be hiding malware within their pages and visiting them may be dangerous to the PC Security of the user.

Why Malware Try to Hide From Search Engines

Since search engines are the primary source of traffic for most of the websites today, getting listed in these black lists of search engines is like a death knell of these malware distributing websites. And they make every attempt to hide these malware ridden websites from the spiders and bots of search engines.

One such trick used by these malware websites has recently been unearthed by Sucuri Security. In their recent post, they have decoded a code, which detects the visit of Search Engines spiders and present them with the legit content. And when the innocent computer users visit the malware infected site, the actual malware is presented.

Will be interesting to see how Search Engines are countering this strategy.